Shannon Fogarty's Century ride in the Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York

Benefiting: Inheritance of Hope
May 15
Hosted by:Inheritance of Hope
May 15, 2016 at 7:00am to
Goal: $20,000
$11,937 4 60% Complete

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Six years ago I was diagnosed with brain cancer.  At first I was shocked and mad, and then in 2011, I read a book called the Long Run.  It was an amazing story of a NYC Fire fighter that was in a life-threatening accident.  He was determined to walk again as he went through 2 years of rehab and succeeded - even became an IronMan.

This is not his story, but he was my inspiration to let go of the anger for the tumor and embrace it.  I started biking again and have fallen in love with the sport. Doctors have even said that’s what's keeping me alive- I have no plans of going anywhere. 

Another big part of my acceptance for the disease was the Inheritance of Hope Family Legacy Retreat in Florida.  They helped me to understand that it's ok to talk about what’s going on and also helped me to build a circle of friends that would give me support. 

Last year I trained and was able to complete the Gran Fondo,  a 100-mile bike race and raise money for Inheritance of Hope. The race was one of the hardiest days of my life, but as I crossed that finish line and heard them call out my name, I was so proud to have accomplished this. 

I am doing the Gran Fondo again this year on May 15th to raise $20,000 for Inheritance of Hope.  This will allow 4 families to have the benefits of enjoying a life-changing Legacy Retreat – just like my family did.  Please help me to send 4 families, with a parent that has a terminal illness, there. 

Check out the website to learn more about the organization:

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