Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund Established in Memory of Kristen Grady Milligan

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October 26, 2013

Inheritance of Hope founder and my wife, Kristen Milligan, died one year ago on October 26, 2012 after a ten-year battle with cancer. It’s been a very challenging year, but I am constantly encouraged by the impact Inheritance of Hope has on young families facing the loss of a parent. I see it every day in my own family, in addition to seeing so many other children and families impacted. With the anniversary of Kristen’s death approaching, I have been thinking of how to mark the day both with my children and with Inheritance of Hope.

Each of my children has quite a different idea of how to mark the date, and we’ll weave all three together for our own commemoration. Regarding Inheritance of Hope, my children and I are in complete agreement. We are all excited to launch the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund established in memory of Kristen Grady Milligan to secure the future of Inheritance of Hope.

Here are a few reasons we’re so excited about our endowment campaign:

  1. The Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund is a tangible way to extend Kristen's legacy and allow everyone to participate, including our children.
  2. The Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund will help us to serve families in perpetuity by providing a revenue source we currently do not have.
  3. The Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund is a vital piece of our strategic plan that allows us to grow into the future.
  4. The Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund signals to everyone that Inheritance of Hope is here to stay.

Our goal is to secure commitments of $2 million. We are excited and grateful that Lynn Grady has made a lead gift of $200,000, and Paul and Susi Grady have added a lead gift of $100,000. Mike Davis has made a commitment of $80,000, which combined with employer matching equals $160,000. Our staff and board, together with me and my children, have already committed $105,295, which brings us to $565,295 raised initially.

Kristen wrote a letter months before she died to be read at her memorial service.  She wrote,

“One last request is for Inheritance of Hope, and for the families that have so touched our lives. We learned that God was pushing us to start this ministry because He knew it would bless us! And it has … so profoundly. More than anything, Deric and I want to continue bringing these families together, loving and supporting them, and introducing to or reminding many of what has given us such great joy, hope, and peace during our trial … our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Please continue to support Inheritance of Hope as we work to serve these families, whether it be as a retreat volunteer, a prayer warrior, or as a financial supporter.”

Would you consider making a gift to the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund established in memory of Kristen Grady Milligan? You can give now online, fundraise for the endowment, or see more ways to give on the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Fund fact sheet.


Deric A. Milligan
Co-Founder & CEO

Help us secure Kristen's legacy!

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