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Every Family Deserves A Legacy

In February 2013, Marci Guay, along with her daughter Hannah and mother Carol Lacert, attended an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat in Orlando, Florida.  Marci had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was looking for support to help her children and family deal with her illness.  Throughout Marci’s illness, the family was worried especially about her youngest daughter Hannah as she was showing signs of separation anxiety as she struggled to cope with her mother’s illness.  The Guay's were hoping, they were praying that the Legacy Retreat would be a turning point for Hannah and provide her with the tools and support she needed.  By the second day of the Legacy Retreat, the family saw a dramatic change in Hannah. She no longer needed to be her mom’s shadow as she had connected with several other children, each who was facing a similar challenge in their life.  Hannah finally found other teenagers she could relate to.  As a family, they connected with other families who understood their fears and struggles – they were not alone. For the first time, Hannah opened up, began to ask questions about Marci's illness and share what she was feeling.   

Sadly, Marci passed away on July 21, 2015.  The Guay's were extremely grateful to have attended the Legacy Retreat and spent four days creating  memories that the family will cherish forever.  They were thankful they now had a Legacy Video which Marci recorded at the Legacy Retreat, to share a special message for each of her children.  They were blessed they learned to be intentional with the time they had together creating a lasting legacy for their family.

Immediately, the family knew they wanted to do something to honor Marci's legacy.  Marci's mom Carol reached out to Inheritance of Hope to share their desire to support local families who were facing the loss of a parent.  Attending the Legacy Retreat was a life-changing experience for the Guay family and they are dedicated to providing others within their local community the opportunity to attend a Legacy Retreat.  

Join us to support more families from northern Colorado to attend
Legacy Retreats in 2017.  


YOU can make a difference...Help Us Inspire Hope

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How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats are offered at no cost to all families who attend.  Here are the ways your support impacts the families on a Legacy Retreat.

  • $75,000 funds an entire Legacy Retreat®
  • $5,000 funds a full family's Legacy Retreat® experience
  • $1,000 funds one child's Legacy Retreat® experience
  • $500 funds a family outing to Disney World for one day of a Legacy Retreat®
  • $250 funds a Legacy Video where parents make a professional video for their children
  • $100 funds a "Best of NYC" cruise featuring the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge for 1 family
  • $50 funds a priceless Date Night experience for a couple during a Legacy Retreat®
  • $25 funds Kids' Night Out fun one child during a Legacy Retreat® 

Every dollar is significant in helping us inspire hope in young families 
facing the loss of a parent! 

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